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Wherever I have fished, whether it was for bass, Kingfish in the surf, Queen Mackerel off a boat, Platannas or Tiger fish, my goal has always been to catch as many big ones in as short a time as possible by trying all the fishing techniques I knew and learned from other fishermen, and fishing in as many fishing spots as possible to get a good overall idea of what the fish do, what they eat when, and the best ways to catch a lot.

At first, fishing for Tiger fish at Jozini Dam was a very frustrating experience! As always, I spoke to fishermen in the area, some swore by bait and livebait fishing for Jozini Tiger fish and others preferred trolling Rapalas for Tiger fish.

I tried every method I had heard of to catch tiger fish in Jozini, and a few more. I even put out some whole sards on Couta rigs, trolled them fast and slow, and drifted them for Tiger fish. I tried every lure and spoon in my boxes on a variety of tackle, some which I tied up myself. I have tried fly fishing, spinning, spooning and have been tempted on many occasions to use a spear gun and dynamite to get my hands on a Tiger fish in Jozini!

Then one day, we tried something new, something that nobody else was doing, and since then, my entire view of Jozini Tiger fishing changed, and since then we have fishing sessions where it is just total mayhem!. There are big Tiger fish in Jozini Dam, and lots of them! You just have to know where to find them...

The information contained in this website will give you a good idea of how to catch a lot of Tiger fish at Jozini Dam using a variety of tiger fishing techniques.


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Jozini has become the best tiger fishing destination in South Africa, and Jozini Dam is comparable to other tiger fishing spots including the Okavango, Kariba and Cahora Bassa. The average size and number of the Tiger fish in Jozini has increased and fish of 6kg+ are caught regularly. I know of a 8.5kg Tiger fish, two 9kg Tiger fish and a 14kg monster tiger fish caught at Jozini. The tiger fish populations in Jozini are growing as their food source increases, and many small tiger fish can be caught at Jozini if targeted.

Tiger fish eat Tilapia, Yellowfish, Barbel and virtually anything else that moves. All the fish populations in Jozini are growing and very healthy, providing an excellent food source for the Tiger fish. On this website you will also find information about tiger fishing in Jozini with livebait, tiger fishing with spoons and tiger fishing with spinners.

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