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Jozini Tiger fishing

Jozini Rules and Regulations

Please respect your fellow fishermen and water users at Jozini.

  • No livebait to be brought in from any other river, dam, fish farm or pet shop to be used in Jozini.
  • Any person operating a boat on Jozini Dam must be in posession of a valid skippers ticket.
  • Boats must have all necessary safety equipment aboard.
  • No Cast Netting in Jozini Dam.
  • Do not disturb the wildlife and birds in and around lake Jozini
  • No Swimming in Jozini Dam or in the Pongola River.
  • No Littering
  • Do not go ashore except at launch sites.
  • Fuel changes to be done on land.
  • No boating before dawn or after dusk.
  • Poachers will be dealt with severely.
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Jozini Tigerfishing

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